About SimplyIOA

Our story starts in 1973, with John and Valli Ritenour, two newlyweds from Pittsburgh with big dreams. John had worked in the insurance industry for years but knew he could make it better.

John and Valli wanted to build a business that put people first, customers and employees. They moved to sunny Florida for a new start, and Insurance Office of Florida was born.

A lot happened over the next 30 years, our team expanded and our name changed. Insurance Office of Florida became Insurance Office of America, and in 2008 John and Valli’s son Heath was appointed as our new CEO.

Buying goods today is as simple as search, pick and click. But buying insurance, not so much. So we found ourselves some technology experts, put a team together, and decided to do something about it.

Introducing SimplyIOA, where you can compare and buy home and auto insurance from trusted companies in minutes.

We are SimplyIOA, we do things the Simply way.

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There are so many factors that can affect your car insurance premium — including some you might not even expect — but there’s one you can guess has a big impact.

Whether the time has come to renew your auto insurance or you’re considering ways to decrease the number of bills you have, you might have thought about whether car insurance was a “must have.”

Whether you have a vacation home, an empty rental home, or simply one that has sat vacant for some time, you may have thought “do I need any special kind of home insurance when my house is vacant?”