SimplyIOA uses online technologies such as cookies, pixels, and JavaScript tags to collect information about our website visitors. These tracking technologies enable us to provide and measure behavioral online advertising, get statistics on e-mail marketing campaigns including open rates and click rates, and obtain aggregate statistics on the activities of website visitors on our website.

What are Tracking Technologies and Why We Use Them?

The tracking technologies that we use on our website include cookies, JavaScript tags, and pixels or beacons.


The standard cookies, or HTML cookie is a small text file which a web server places on a user’s computer. Cookies enable us, and the third-party vendors we use to uniquely identify a computing device and link a computing device to previous web actions by the same device. Cookies enable a range or functions including authentication of website visitors, personalization of content and delivery of targeted advertising.

JavaScript Tags

We use JavaScript tags to pass information about your activity on our website to a third-party vendor such as Google to obtain certain statistics about our website visitors. Such statistics are aggregated, so we cannot link a website visitor to their activity on our website. We track aggregated statistics such as number of website visitors that have visited our website in a certain time period, the most popular web site pages on our website, average time spent on a website page, the most popular links on a website page, most popular navigation paths on our website etc. We also use JavaScript tags to embed YouTube videos on our site, and for social media sharing plug-ins. These tags can record and send information about your usage of our website to the vendor who provided the tags.

Pixels or Beacons

Pixels or Beacons are a 1x1 pixel graphic that are placed on the webpages to either track customer conversion or to place a user in a behavioral segment for online advertising purposes. They are also placed in the e-mails to track e-mail open, click, and purchase conversion tracking. We use tracking pixels on our website for online advertising and marketing e-mails that we send to prospects and customers.

Cookies on Our Website

Provider Purpose of Data Collection Name Expiry Type Classification
Google Analytics These cookies include pattern type cookie set by Google Analytics and, Google Universal Analytics. The cookies are used to limit the amount of data recorded or throttle the request rate by Google on high traffic volume websites (_gat_UA- and _gat), used to distinguish website visitors(_gid), calculate visitor session and campaign data for site analytics (_ga), used to store visitor-level custom variable data (_utmv), and used to persist session state (_ga-).
_gat_UA- 1 minute Session Cookie Performance Cookie
_gat 10 minutes Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_gid 24 hours Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_ga 2 years Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_utmv 2 years Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_ga_ 2 years Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
Google Advertising This cookie determines how many times users who click on their ads end up taking an action on their site, such as making a purchase. Cookies used for measuring conversion rates are not used to personalize ads (_gclxxxx). _gclxxxx 90 days Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
  Test cookie used to test for cookie setting permissions in user's browser (test_cookie). test_cookie 1 day Persistent Cookie Targeting Cookie
Google Advertising - DoubleClick Used by Google DoubleClick to register and report the website user's actions after viewing or clicking one of the advertiser's ads with the purpose of measuring the efficacy of an ad and to present targeted ads to the user. IDE 2 Years Persistent Cookie Targeting Cookie
Hotjar Identifies a new user's first session and page view on a website (_jfFirstSeen and _hjAbsoluteSessionIn Progress), whether the visitor is included in data sampling defined by site’s pageview and daily session limit (_hjIncludedInPageview Sample and _hjIncludedInSession Sample), used to share cookies across subdomains (_hjTLDTest), and used to persist the random user ID unique to that site on the browser (_hjid).
_hjFirstSeen Lasts for the session Session Cookie Performance Cookie
_hjIncludedInPageview 30 minutes Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_hjTLDTest Lasts for the session Session Cookie Performance Cookie
_hjAbsoluteSessionIn 30 minutes Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_hjIncludedInSession 30 minutes Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_hjid 1 year Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
Wingify This cookie is associated with the product Visual Website Optimiser, by Wingify. The tool helps site owners measure the performance of different versions of web pages (_vwo_sn and _Vwo_referrer), ensures visitor always sees same version of a page (_vwo_uuid_v2), used to test if browser allows cookies (_vis_opt_test_cookie), and distinguishes between new and returning visitors (_vis_opt_s)
_vwo_sn 30 mins and reset again to 30 mins on user activity Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_vwo_referrer 15 seconds Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_vwo_uuid_v2 1 year Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
_vis_opt_test_cookie Expired on browser close Session Cookie Performance Cookie
_vis_opt_s 100 days Persistent Cookie Performance Cookie
Facebook Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers (_fbp). _fbp 3 months Persistent Cookie Targeting Cookie
  Contains browser and user unique ID combination, used for targeted advertising. Contains browser and user unique ID combination, used for targeted advertising (fr). fr 3 months Persistent Cookie Targeting Cookie
DataXu/Roku This cookie is generally provided by and is used for advertising purposes. wfivefivec 195 days Persistent Cookie Targeting Cookie
YouTube These cookies are used to record the consent of user for placing YouTube cookies which are not strictly necessary on their devices (CONSENT), register a unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has seen (YSC) and used as a unique identifier to track viewing of videos (VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE).
CONSENT 6091 days Persistent Cookie Targeting Cookie
YSC Lasts for the session Session Cookie Analytics Cookie
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 6 months Persistent Cookie Targeting Cookie
Twitter This cookie is set due to Twitter integration and sharing capabilities for the social media. personalization_id 1 Year 9 Months 16 Days Persistent Cookie Targeting Cookie
Glia Cookie placed by Glia app plug-in for the website that provides chat and live web session observation functionality (session_id and incompat_session_id).
session_id 6 months Persistent Cookie Functionality Cookie
incompat_session_id 6 months Persistent Cookie Functionality Cookie

We also use Image, iFrame, and JavaScript tags from the above third-party cookie providers for social media sharing, online behavioral advertising and website analytics.

Sharing of Information

We use vendors like Facebook, Google, Twitter, MailChimp, Hotjar, and Glia for online advertising, e-mail marketing, website analytics, customer support and social sharing. While we do not provide any website server logs or other website user information directly to these vendors, the cookies, pixels, and tags from these vendors can automatically collect information about our website visitors. Sometimes this information can be used by these vendors for their own purposes like making their products better, or to merge this information with other information that they have about our website users for creating behavioral profiles for use in online advertising. Some vendors like Google have provided settings and agreement addendums to restrict this secondary usage of information collected by them from our website visitors. Whenever such option is available from the vendor, we have enabled appropriate settings and signed the agreement addendum to restrict the secondary usage of information collected from our website visitors.

The information typically collected through pixels, cookies and tags by our vendors includes:

  • Unique identifiers tied to the browser, application, or device if you are signed-in to the account with the vendor (like Google of Facebook)
  • Information about your web browser
  • Unique IDs such as a cookie ID on your browser
  • IP addresses and information derived from IP addresses, such as geographic location
  • Information about your device, such as browser, device type, operating system, the presence or use of ‘apps’, screen resolution, or the preferred language
  • The date and time you visited a Publisher Site; and
  • The referring URL and the web search you used to locate and navigate to a Publisher Site

Your Choices Regarding Information Collection from Our Website

Many browsers allow you to configure a setting to send a "Do Not Track" signal to websites to not collect your information when you are browsing a website. This feature has not been adopted widely in the industry and currently we do not support "Do Not Track" signal from browsers.

SimplyIOA website presents a cookie policy in the form of an overlay banner when you first visit our website. You can accept all cookies or opt-out of individual categories of cookies except "Strictly Necessary Cookies," which are required for the website to function, by managing your cookie preferences in the Cookie preference center. You can also access the Cookie preference center here to change your cookie preferences.

You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. If you disable all cookies, however, it may interfere with the functionality of our site, and you may not be able to use all the features on our website.

The instructions for setting your cookie preferences in different browsers are below:

You can also individually opt-out of cookies from services we use that place cookies on your computer using the instructions below:

Google Analytics Opt-Out: Google provides a Chrome browser plug-in to opt-out of making your site activity available to Google Analytics by installing the plug-in from

Opt-out of Behavioral Advertising: You can use the tools below to opt-out of behavioral advertising using the tools provided by advertising industry self-regulatory organizations.


If you have questions or concerns regarding our use of cookies, you can contact us at:

Last Updated: November 2021